Sprucing Up Your Online & Printed Product Images With CGI

by Kim Tonkovich; October 01, 2020

Have you ever wondered when you’re browsing an online store or print catalog how retailers capture such beautiful photos of their products? They must spend a ton of money on commercial photography studios, props, and set stylists, right?

Well, not always.

How do they do it? Well, they may be using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Professional CGI Specialists use advanced software to render the products from scratch or impose existing product photos into realistic digital environments.

In the before and after photos at the top and right of the page (hover and drag the sliders in the photos to the left and right), for example, Source3Media took original photographs of furniture in stark empty rooms for a client. Then using the CGI process, we created stunning renderings of the pieces for the client’s catalog so they appear to be in a natural environment.

So why would you want to use CGI imagery for your products you wonder? Well, first of all, it could reduce your long-term costs. The ability to create CGI renderings of products provides businesses an alternative to using studio and staging rentals, greatly reducing the number of moving parts in a project. Now it can be done with a little digital magic, giving us the ability to control camera positions, shading, sunlight, and color tones. For example, if your company produces tanning lotion, the image of your product can be made to appear as if it’s on a pool-side table in the tropics…without the travel, staging, having to accommodate weather, natural light, or anything else. If you’re in real estate, photos of empty rooms can be spruced up to appear as if they’re decorated, without having to rent furniture or accessories. Now I know you’re thinking, “that’s pretty cool.”

Secondly, because it looks really good to consumers. They’re not only seeing an image of your product, but are experiencing a feeling about your product.

It also saves you valuable time. For some retailers, it is critical to have product images ready and available for distributors before your products can go to market. Having your product photo renderings ready, and quickly, can help your business collect orders sooner and faster.

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