Modern Branding & Logo Design Trends

by Kim Tonkovich; October 28, 2020

To say that creating a logo to represent your brand can be challenging is a huge understatement.  Your logo isn’t merely a symbol, it communicates your company’s identity.  It’s the image that consumers remember and recognize.  So it is CRUCIAL that your logo is unique, makes an impression, and projects a reflection of who you are, what you do, and what you represent.  Your logo is the innovative piece of visual art that should trigger consumers to immediately think of the experiences they’ve had with your business.

An effective logo should not only resonate your brand and identity, but aesthetically it also needs to be versatile and scalable so that it can be used seamlessly across all of your marketing collateral.  As your logo is such a critical piece of your company’s marketing, you should certainly consider hiring a professional graphic designer for help.

And it almost goes without saying, that it must be eye-catching and stand out from your competition.  But it doesn’t necessarily need to be ornate or flashy to accomplish that.

Here are a few examples of some very simple…but I assure you very well-planned professionally designed logos that most of us would instantly recognize:

Nike Swoosh Logo

Apple Computers Logo

Amazon Smile Logo

Now first let's take a look at 7 Historical Standard types of logos:


Abstract logos are creative and distinctive art representations, rather than an actual picture.

Abstract Logo


An Emblem is the most traditional type of logo that has text inside of a symbol.

Harley Davidson


Monograms are creative letter designs using the company’s initials.

Under Armour


A Mascot is a character or caricature of a person that can be represented with different expressions and in different contexts.

Tony the Tiger


Brand marks are images that are unique and recognizable.

Starbucks Logo


Wordmark’s are logos that spell out the entire company name in various types of fonts, shapes and colors.

Netflix Logo


Combination marks are combinations of two or more other standard types of logos.

2016 Rio Olympics Logo

And following are examples of some more modern logo styles:


Mosaic logos are pictures or illustrations designed by a pattern of small colored pieces.

WebMynd Logo


Serrated logos use jagged edges.

Microsoft Edge Logo


Selective Focus logos have subtle misty qualities and soft edges with the logo fading into the background.

Faded Barbershop Logo


Simple, natural looking logos in earthy colors convey a sense of a product or brand being healthy.

Fruit Land Logo


Watercolor logos create the illusion, as with a watercolor painting, that liquid or water is being dispersed.

Patty Cakes Logo


Incomplete logo designs use fonts with missing pieces to create an illusion.

The Museum of Incomplete Logo

When you’re ready to get to work on your logo design, start first by considering the above logo types and which might best fit your business.  Then before meeting with your graphic designer, spend some time on the Internet to find some examples of logos to take with you.

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