About Us

Source3Media (S3M) is an award-winning, full-service marketing solutions company specializing in strategic marketing, creative branding, quality custom printing/packaging options for all size businesses regionally and throughout North America. S3M focuses on both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing campaigns leveraging our award-winning creative design, digital and social channel delivery, and custom print/packaging solutions to enhance our customers brand association. S3M will manage your project end to end for you from design, production, and fulfillment through their 45,000 SQ FT operations center based in Macedonia, Ohio.  With over 60 years of existence, S3M has received numerous awards for their design, creative advertising, and print submissions. In addition to our award-winning design team, S3M maintains the highest quality standards in the industry as a certified G7 color match printer integrating design systems to their operations.  We cover all your marketing needs.

Our employees dedicate their time and expertise to providing quality products for our customers. S3M’s focus is on customer satisfaction. We work hard to make sure each individual’s order is produced, inspected, and delivered on time. The CSRs monitor each job all the way through every department up until it is delivered to the customer. This type of attention to detail and consistent monitoring ensures that any product is done accurately and on time to fulfill our customers highest expectations. 


S3M’s Graphic Designers are brand and marketing specialists. Our talented and creative staff know exactly how to bring color to your business by leveraging original and imaginative ideas to meet your specifications. From idea conception to the final product, S3M creates all types of jobs, including posters, catalogs, postcards, logo design, branding, signage, packaging and much, much more. On-site and off-site photography is also available to professionally capture your products. 

The Copy Center in our facility operates with highly-skilled Digital Operators. When you need professional printing and copying service, it is easy to get all your projects done in one place. You can depend on our highly skilled employees to get your projects done right the first time, from simple copies to major projects. 

Our S3M Offset Printing area has a 40”, 6-color offset press with a coater and an extended dryer running during two shifts. We can run substrates from 50# coated stock to 24 pt. stock. S3M produces everything from gang run postcards, book/booklets, fliers, brochures, pocket folders and packaging all while maintaining our G7 qualification standards. 

Our S3M Bindery Department, is staffed with highly skilled, versatile employees working between 2 shifts. We operate automated cutting, folding, collating, saddle-stitching, and flatbed die-cutting equipment. 

Communication is key in any successful working relationship. We are always open to discuss any past, present or future products. If you would like a little more insight into what we are all about, please feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you about your next project! 

Our Core Values


"Trust is out #1 core value as an organization. Every day we strive to build trust through execution supporting our customers, employees and partners." Al Carrero, Co-Founder Source3Media

"Customer success drives our S3M team to assure we deliver a positive outcome for our clients every time." Pat McCausland, Co-Founder Source3Media

Our Mission Statement


Mission for Source3Media:

Every customer interaction relies on their preferred channel of choice to offer expedient solutions, results, and answers. Our marketing team helps you to make each interaction meaningful and useful to positively impact association to your brand to your customer.

Milestones in Source3Media's Journey


Hudson Printing opened in a Hudson, Ohio shopping strip. They produced training manuals for the hospitality industry in Ohio. 


Hudson Printing moves to a 30,000 square foot facility in Macedonia, OH and begins printing business forms and cards.


Hudson Printing merges with Westfield's in-house printshop and adds 15,000 square feet of warehouse and merges equipment from the Westfield facility.


Hudson Printing is purchased by Al Carrero and Pat McCausland and Hudson Printing began it's transformation into a state-of-the-art facility.


Hudson Printing purchased the first landscape format DI in the Midwest, and began its journey to a high-quality printer.


Hudson Printing installs a Mitsubishi offset press, automated cutting equipment, as well as 2 large-format MBO folders.


Hudson Printing upgrades the digital department to Canon high-quality, high-speed digital devices. Hudson Printing also becomes a fully qualified G7 facility.


Hudson Printing begins to produce award winning products and adds Creative Design, Branding, Marketing and Social Media offerings, increasing and enhancing their overall capabilities.


Hudson Printing begins Re-Brand to Source3Media, offering full service marketing solutions and award winning products.


Source3Media adds Die-Cutting and Packaging to service offerings, along with Embellishment capabilities, Foil, Lamination, Stamping... and more.


Source3Media offers and achieves award winning full-service Marketing Solutions from concept through production.