Paper Packaging : The Natural Choice

Paper Packaging

Source3Media Inc; January 18, 2021 7 Powerful Reasons Why Paper-Based Packaging Is The Natural Choice for Brands, Retailers and Consumers. Use the scroll bar in the box below to read through the article.  Hover over the top to view icons to download or print… Powered By EmbedPress Source3Media’s professional graphic designers are ready to help…

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Crushing a Rock Star Website Design – Part 1 (Website Design Basics)

Website Design Basics

by Kim Tonkovich; November 23, 2020 Perhaps you’ve noticed for quite a while that your website hasn’t been bringing you new business.  And you realize that it’s been years since you’ve updated it.  Well, in a remote work COVID economy that can be a big problem!  Your website design is critical for your brand.  And…

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Gotcha! The Art of Behavioral Economics and Consumer Influence

Behavioral Economics and Consumer Influence

by Kim Tonkovich; November 12, 2020 Behavioral Economics, in general, is a field of study related to how certain stimuli affect consumer economic decisions.  When you bought your big screen TV, are you sure YOU really picked it out?  How much control do you think you have over your own purchasing decisions?  And how do…

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Modern Branding & Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trends

by Kim Tonkovich; October 28, 2020 To say that creating a logo to represent your brand can be challenging is a huge understatement.  Your logo isn’t merely a symbol, it communicates your company’s identity.  It’s the image that consumers remember and recognize.  So it is CRUCIAL that your logo is unique, makes an impression, and…

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Save a tree! Print more stuff!

Save a Tree

Wait…what? by Kim Tonkovich; October 26, 2020 Throughout the years, how many times have you decided not to print and to instead send or receive something electronically, saying, “Save a tree!” You probably can’t even count. But I’ve got news for you. The much publicized notion that refraining from printing and opting for electronic communications…

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