Copy Center Magic: Learn About Digital Print

Success with digital technology

Source3Media’s digital printing department utilizes the latest Canon technology, including the Canon imagePress C10,000VP, C6010VP and C7011Vp color equipment, as well as the Canon Océ black and white devices. Source3Media’s decision to move entirely into Canon’s product suite has been two-fold: Canon has offered the opportunity to improve services inline, while improve both uptime and throughput—but more importantly, Canon has offered the ability to G7 qualify Source3Media’s equipment. Doing so has helped Source3Media better control its output to offset equipment, giving the ability to process products across multiple platforms while maintaining high quality standards.
Source3Media manages its digital department using PrismaSync and PrismaRemote, allowing for operation of the department in a lights-out situation, if and when needed. The utilization of this software has allowed the company to better level-load volume while maximizing all of its equipment.
Much of Source3Media’s volume requires inline finishing. To better reduce touches and redundancy, Source3Media has added many post-press functionality tools to its equipment. Currently, the company uses coil punching, three-hole punching, folding (including engineer folds) and stapling—all inline. Adding these processes inline has drastically improved throughput and illuminated touches. As the print industry continues to evolve, the company believes it will continue to see a greater need for reduced touches and a continued demand for post-press solutions on this type of equipment.
One of Source3Media’s current digital department customers, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, is a great example of how the company is able to offer multi-functional products with success.
The customer regularly orders multiple versions of full-color 8.5″ x 11″ booklets, usually between sixteen and twenty-four pages. Source3Media is able to utilize G7 to match offset versions of the booklet, then finish another version of the entire product inline, making smaller versions in a much more cost-effective and timely manner and giving Source3Media—and its digital department—a serious competitive advantage.

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