Digital Media Services


If all you need is an informative website, we will build it for you for a very reasonable cost. All you need to do is fill out the forms listed below, and we will do the rest.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)


The Basic Online Store is a user-friendly e-commerce solution that allows businesses to effortlessly showcase and sell their products online.


Click IT cares for a WordPress website proactively and effectively with this reasonably priced security and maintenance plan.Complete set of security and maintenance services.


Custom design work is a crucial aspect of many projects, and the cost can vary depending on the project’s specific requirements.


If your business hasn’t been claimed, or you need your listing on Google fixed, you need this service. If you’re like most who are confused as to what’s important and how to get your business to appear on a Google.


We install an artificial intelligence (AI) driven in the backend of the website’s code, which will 99.9% guarantee the website owner will never see a lawsuit for not providing American with Disabilities Act web accessibility.


Building the framework for a successful website development project.





In order to properly track the ranking changes of your web pages on Google, Google Mobile, and Bing in 162 countries and languages, special developer tasks are required so desktop and mobile reports are available.


During the Implementation period, Google ads strategy planning and campaign setup will be conducted as follows: Keywords Research, Ad Group Creation, and many more with Google Ads Manager.


Locations Served is a technique we utilize that will excel your website search engine rankings to the top of the results pages (SERPS) for every location you are trying to attract customers/clients from for a subject matter concentration of your choice.


If your business hasn’t been claimed, or you just need your listing on Bing fixed, you need this service. you’re like most who are confused as to what’s important and how to get your business to appear properly on a Bing map.


Below forms are useful because they help guide us to ask the questions we need to be answered in order to fulfill the tasks at hand.

1) Business Information Intake Form

2) Website Questionnaire Form

3) Click IT Ads Manager Form

4) Custom Quotation Form

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