Strategic Marketing

Source3Media has experience in planning the right marketing plan that is right for our customers. From social media, mail or email campaigns, targeted marketing design, print, packaging, project management and more.

We got you covered!

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What is S3M Marketing 360

Marketing Assessment

Market Assessments

We offer Market Assessments to help you identify how to better position your business to be competitive as well as serve your customers.

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Email Campaigns

We work with email marketing platforms for you. We can use emails to alert customers and prospects to company news, sales, promotions and more. All offering valuable content, while keeping customers engaged.



We help bands in creating and refining their identity systems. We provide creative designs that effectively market your organization. Please click on the "Creative Branding" tab to learn more.



We offer the highest level of quality printing in the industry based on our certifications and processes. As a qualified G7 facility, we provide customers with superior print quality, precise color accuracy and unmatched consistency. Please click on the "Quality Printing" tab to learn more.



We offer signs, posters and banners. Signage is a great way of communicating your brand to others, and we are here to help with that.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic designers work with you to create the pieces you want and need. With years of experience, our graphic design team can have your brand looking spic and span.

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Color Matching

We deliver exceptional color matching consistency. We can hit your desired color target every single time. We can ensure uncompromising color according to your brand standards.



We have an on-site warehouse and fulfillment center. We ensure all the necessary steps are taken in order to get your deliveries to you safely and on time.



We know how important it is for your brand to stand out from the crowd. Using our expertise and experience, we design packaging and point-of-sale items that say, "Pick me up" and "Buy me" without ever needing to scream.



We have a selective network of highly trusted and specialized photographers and videographers. From them we'll identify and partner with the perfect one for your project. Whether you need video for broadcast or food photography for your new website, we'll convey your vision with energy and professionalism.

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Social Campaigns

We look at your audience and your goals when we create social campaigns. Not only this but we take into account each different social media platform's unique features and functions to build your campaign around them.

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Direct Mail

We offer direct mail for your company. This allows you to reach a larger audience and personalize your message to target specific demographics.