Modern Branding & Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trends

by Kim Tonkovich; October 28, 2020 To say that creating a logo to represent your brand can be challenging is a huge understatement.  Your logo isn’t merely a symbol, it communicates your company’s identity.  It’s the image that consumers remember and recognize.  So it is CRUCIAL that your logo is unique, makes an impression, and…

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Save a tree! Print more stuff!

Save a Tree

Wait…what? by Kim Tonkovich; October 26, 2020 Throughout the years, how many times have you decided not to print and to instead send or receive something electronically, saying, “Save a tree!” You probably can’t even count. But I’ve got news for you. The much publicized notion that refraining from printing and opting for electronic communications…

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10 Must-Have Marketing Materials for your Business

marketing materials

by Kim Tonkovich; October 13, 2020 Your marketing collateral is like a 24/7 sales executive that promotes and represents your business. Branding is essential everywhere in your company. The right type of marketing collateral with a targeted message will help build awareness, generate leads, promote products, and re-engage existing customers. Your brands’ identity system, which…

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