Where Should I Stick That? : Tips for the Leave-Behind

Leave behind marketing materials

by Kim Tonkovich; February 05, 2021 There are TONS of reasons why your print marketing collateral should always be an integral piece of your advertising efforts.  In a Forbes article titled, “The Art of the Leave-Behind: Why Print Collateral Will Always Have a Place in Marketing,” Adam Wagner points out that, “Marketers who see the…

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Gotcha! The Art of Behavioral Economics and Consumer Influence

Behavioral Economics and Consumer Influence

by Kim Tonkovich; November 12, 2020 Behavioral Economics, in general, is a field of study related to how certain stimuli affect consumer economic decisions.  When you bought your big screen TV, are you sure YOU really picked it out?  How much control do you think you have over your own purchasing decisions?  And how do…

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Save a tree! Print more stuff!

Save a Tree

Wait…what? by Kim Tonkovich; October 26, 2020 Throughout the years, how many times have you decided not to print and to instead send or receive something electronically, saying, “Save a tree!” You probably can’t even count. But I’ve got news for you. The much publicized notion that refraining from printing and opting for electronic communications…

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10 Must-Have Marketing Materials for your Business

marketing materials

by Kim Tonkovich; October 13, 2020 Your marketing collateral is like a 24/7 sales executive that promotes and represents your business. Branding is essential everywhere in your company. The right type of marketing collateral with a targeted message will help build awareness, generate leads, promote products, and re-engage existing customers. Your brands’ identity system, which…

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